This week's meeting was held at The Brew Bar at 277 Third Avenue in downtown Chula Vista! We were hosted by owner Alex McDaniel and his barista Sal. Fresh coffee and vegan pastries were a great way to begin the day.
Alex explained how he always knew that his future endeavors would be destined to be a green business. The Brew Bar has been named a "green business" by the City of Chula Vista for their adherence to recycling, use of energy efficient light bulbs, and low-energy refrigerators and more.  The Brew Bar has made the choice for sustainable options, such as their use of plates, straws and glasses. Who knew that straws could be made from avocado seeds? Alex explained that people think it is expensive to be green, but his research shows that it just a difference of pennies. Society struggles with letting go of convenience, rather than helping the environment. There are at least four green businesses on this corridor on Third Avenue. Thank you Alex for keeping green and hosting the Chula Vista Sunrise Rotary Club.