It’s an exciting, evolving time for our Club this year, and once again, CVSR Members are ready to take the “small but mighty” challenge!

This coming year our Club is challenged with increasing participation in club meetings and activities.  Our recent Member Survey results indicate most members are still committed to weekly meetings on Thursdays, and keeping our community service strong and our activities fun.  All of our schedules are busy and impacted by family, work, travel, unforeseen events—but we all agree Rotary is a priority.  We have smaller number of people to work with, so we will spread the work around a bit this year and strive to meet those challenges.  

Your Board of Officers/Directors will lead the way in sharing the Club duties this year!  Past President Beverly Sumwalt will assume the duties of President for July – October.  Then Past Presidents Rochelle and Chris Carrol will assume presidential duties for November – February.  They will be followed by Past Presidents Rowena and Mike Bell, who will take us through the remainder of the year from March – June, 2023.  Club Members are already stepping up to the plate to help with meeting service, speakers, community service projects and special events!  It’s sort of a “new and improved—small but mighty” plan for our upcoming 2022-2023 year.

Welcome aboard the CVSR Little Engine that CAN—again—as we head into our new year and next CVSR Adventure.  As your first Past-President-President, I’m excited to toss that ball high and know you are all right behind me to keep it in the air! Let’s all “Imagine, a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.” Let’s IMAGINE ROTARY together this year!